Our School

Noble Leadership Academy provides early childhood through twelfth-grade students the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century. We provide our students unique educational experiences rooted in the development of each student’s personal leadership capacity. The foundation we offer will sustain them as lifelong learners and empower them socially as they become active citizens in this global community.

Accreditation—”Noble is Off the Charts!”

It is with great excitement that we announce that we have completed our final accreditation review through Cognia (formerly known as AdvancedEd). Cognia is an international agency that has accredited over 36,000 institutions in over 85 countries. They review and evaluate a school’s overall performance in three domains: leadership, learning, and resources. Cognia awards schools their accreditation status based on a review process in which they interview four major groups of stakeholders (the board, the administration and staff, the students, and the parents) and over 20 set standards under three domains. 

This process began years ago with the inception of an idea that Alhamdulillah came to fruition this year. In early 2018, we reached out to Cognia to start the process. By 2019, we had become candidates for accreditation. Since then, we have been in a marathon of collecting data, analyzing our school, and evaluating our processes. In an effort to show our school in a complete and comprehensive light, we showed proof of our work through curriculum maps, lesson plans, datasheets, meeting minutes, student samples, teacher evaluations, school events, and so on. 

The score we receive for accreditation is a holistic measure of overall performance based on a comprehensive set of standards and review criteria. Each standard was thoroughly assessed and evidence was presented. The score is referred to as the Index of Education Quality (IEQ). This score is given to every school both public, private, faith-based, etc. that applies to be accredited. Thus, even public schools are not accredited until they go through this process. 

Noble Leadership Academy surpassed the maximum IEQ range that any school in the past five years has received. The highest average score to date, earned by another school thus far, was 283.33. 

Noble Leadership Academy, our school, earned a score of 350. I quote here the lead evaluator for Noble, a man who has been accrediting schools for over 15 years—"Noble is off the charts!!!!!" 

As a community, we should be proud of this achievement. It attests to the exceptional teachers we have at Noble Leadership Academy. We are thankful to the students who displayed maturity, initiative, and pride in their school. We are also thankful to the parents who believe in us and support us in building this remarkable educational institution. 

I can't help but congratulate our teachers again: We recognize your hard work. We appreciate your work. May Allah bless you and your family for all the hard work and time you endlessly and generously give. 

May Allah Bless the Noble Family. 

Allah is great in his mercy and generosity for this success. 

With excitement,

Sr. Amanny Khattab

Sr. Amanny Khattab, Principal