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Our School

Noble Leadership Academy provides early childhood through twelfth grade students with the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century. We aim to provide our students with unique educational experiences rooted in the development of each student’s personal leadership capacity. The foundation we offer will sustain them as lifelong learners and empower them socially, so they can become active citizens in this global community.

Our Mission

To provide students with an Islamic environment that fosters critical thinking and academic excellence.

Our Philosophy

We quantify the academic success of our students through the implementation of Data Driven Instruction—the use of data from assessments that inform our teachers about the strengths and weaknesses of individual students in their class. Our teachers structure and modify their lesson plans in order to directly meet the needs of our students.

Parental Involvement

In building Noble Leadership Academy, we constructed an organization where parents are involved and play an active role in their child’s education. To support this goal, we created an email oriented system through which the staff and administration constantly communicate with each parent.

All teachers send a daily reflection explaining:

  • What they have accomplished within the classroom for that day
  • Daily homework assignments 

This system creates an opportunity for parents to have a meaningful conversation with their child about what they are learning in school and to discuss their child’s progress directly with the teacher on a regular basis.

Open-Door Policy

We encourage you to continuously provide us with comments, constructive criticism, and feedback on how we are running the school organization. By working together as a team, parents, administrators, and faculty build a strong foundation for the organization to grow.