Elementary School: Prekindergarten–5th Grade

From prekindergarten through grade five, elementary students lay the important foundation of their educational future. At Noble, in an academic environment focused on critical thinking and inquiry-based study, children learn and discuss principles of noble behavior, practice collaborative work, and develop their independence. Whether in the computer lab, STEAM room, classroom, or playground, we teach our students to embrace the principles of prophetic, noble behavior and growth mindset.

Together with Parents

As students mature, we encourage them to take increasing responsibility for their education to promote initiative, self-discovery, self-reliance, and independence through study skills, organization, and attention to process. Because we recognize the importance of parental involvement in a child's overall educational experience, we not only offer formal bi-annual parent/teacher conferences, but we also encourage faculty and administrators to build informed, productive relationships with our students’ parents.

Traditional Curriculum

We offer traditional coursework in language arts, mathematics, science, Arabic, and social studies that emphasize inquiry-based learning. We look upon every minute of the day as an opportunity for new understanding and growth. And the newly introduced STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) room offers valuable opportunities for interdisciplinary study—furthering creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving among students.

Quran Reading

Along with a traditional curriculum, we offer a personalized Quran reading program. Once students enter the school, we fully evaluate them and place them in an appropriate class. We track their individual progress and put a comprehensive plan in place to ensure each and every student can read directly from the Quran before embarking on their journey to memorize the Quran.