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Coronavirus Updates

Dear Noble Family,

Asalamou Alaikum,

One of the many blessings we have during this difficult time is time itself. As we all learn how to adapt to this new norm, it is a beautiful thing to have a chance to have time; time to speak with our children, time to speak with our spouses, time to read, time to learn something new, and time to do whatever it was we kept putting off. With this time, we now have the opportunity to reunite with Allah at a level that we have not been able to for years. As a working parent, with three daughters who have full-time lives of their own, very rarely do we have time to sit together as a family, let alone dedicate that time to learning about the religion. Long have been the days when I argued with them to study for an Islamic studies test or to get them to memorize their Quran.

For those that do not know me, I have three grown daughters who have all graduated from college. Each has started their own path to adulthood, and my time with them is very limited. I share this now because I genuinely miss having them around and dealing with the struggles parents with young children typically complain about. It is a blessing to have this forced family time.

As you develop your new routines, I encourage our Noble family to dedicate time to get closer to Allah (swt) together. Each week I will send you an Islamic lecture or video that I enjoyed listening to with my family. Some of our younger sons and daughters might not be able to sit through it entirely, and that is okay. As my kids were growing up, I used to use Islamic lectures to help me create meaningful conversations with them that left us all learning powerful morals. You can do the same. You can watch these lectures, that have the religion at their center, as a platform to have meaningful conversations with your children. Or you can watch the lecture together and then have a discussion time to process what you heard and learned together. In the pursuit of the strengthening the tarbiya of my own children, I learned a lot myself (what a bonus!).

Pay special attention to minute twenty-four, when Omar Suliman discusses Afiyah (protection from all pains and suffering) and the power of our duaa and what we ask for. It is a complete shift in perspective. It is a poignant reminder of Allah's mercy and generosity. What most resonated with me is that "patience should be your response when hardship remains," and what we should seek and make duaa for is Afiyah. What a beautiful religion we have.

Finally, around minute thirty-two, we are humbled by the solemn reminder that actual strength is acknowledging your weakness to Allah. Prophet Yusuf (as) models what true strength is by doing this. He literally calls on Allah for strength, "Oh Allah don't leave me for the blink of an eye, I am weak, I have my flaws, I have my imperfections." As adults, sometimes we need to be reminded of how much we cannot control. We fool ourselves by believing that our strength is enough. We need to be reminded by the fact that it is with Allah (swt) alone that we should and can seek refuge from all that plagues us (unintentional pun) and all the trials that we are put through.

Enjoy the lecture.

I pray that we use this time we are given in the best possible manner.

I will make duaa for you and your families.

Please make duaa for me, my family, and the families of all the staff and, of course, the Noble family as a whole.

May Allah grant us the gift of becoming closer to him.

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