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Spirit Week and Paint Night

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Noble Parents,

Noble Leadership Academy's Nobles Aware and Student Government Organization are excited to invite everyone to our spirit week and movie/paint night on November 1, 2019, at 5:00 p.m.

The intention of school spirit week is to promote school spirit within the classroom milieu and the school. We encourage our entire Noble family and the community to attend (bring your brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, and aunts)!

There is no entrance fee for the children's movie night viewing of Smallfoot, our Nobles Aware and SGA officers will be watching the children. Parents are more than welcome to join movie night. Insha'Allah, we will be selling snacks and drinks that will range from $1.00 to $4.00. We do not allow outside food. Make sure your child brings a blanket and pillow!

While your child is enjoying the movie and activities, this year we will be hosting a parent's paint night! Tickets for paint night are only $20.00 and include all the supplies needed. If you would like to join the paint night, please reserve your spot by sending payment to the office. There are only 30 available spots!

There will be no after-school activities on this day. Dismissal time will remain the same.

Our students will also be celebrating spirit week starting Monday, October 28, 2019!

  • Monday, October 28: Creative Hat Day (Show off your artistic ability with a hat you create yourself.)
  • Tuesday, October 29: Character Day (Dress like a character of choice (Islamically appropriate) from your favorite book!)
  • Wednesday, October 30: Class Color Day (Represent your class by wearing the following color from head to toe!) 
    • Office Staff and Auxiliary Staff: Gray
    • Day Care and Pre-K 3: Pink
    • Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten: Red
    • 1st Grade & 2nd Grade: Purple
    • 3rd Grade & 4th Grade: Yellow
    • 5th Grade & 6th Grade: Orange
    • 7th Grade & 8th Grade: Blue
    • 9th and 10th Grade: Burgundy
    • 11th and 12th Grade: Green
  • Thursday, October 31: Sports Day (Represent your favorite team player by wearing their jersey, or wear a team shirt on top of your uniform.)
  • Friday, November 1: Noble School Spirit Day (It is all about the green and yellow) We will allow all students to wear variations of yellow and green as long as they are Islamically appropriate! Students are not required to wear their uniform.

Please make sure your child(ren) adhere to the following policy: (Please read carefully.)

  • No Uniform Days: On days students have permission not to wear their uniforms to school the following are the guidelines.
  • Boys: Can wear any clothing that is loose-fitting. T-Shirts must have appropriate logos. We do not allow shorts in school. 
  • Girls: Shirts that are the length of their knee with loose-fitting dress pants or long skirts with loose-fitting shirts. We do not allow skinny jeans at any time. All girls 5th and older must bring their jilbab with them on these days as a precaution if they do not meet the guidelines.
  • Please note all girls must wear low-heeled shoes. We only allow solid black and brown boots during the winter. They must be a solid black color with no sparkles, pompoms, or loose threads. We do not allow sandals during any time of the year. To emphasize the importance of modesty, any student wearing a jumper must wear thick tights/pants underneath.

We would like to remind parents that activities such as spirit week are not intended to be a financial burden on our parents. The intention of such activities is to promote school spirit and demeanor, individual creativity, ownership, and be a fun outlet for our students. Please support your child in creating wonderful outfits with pieces of apparel they already have at home. If you are having difficulty doing so, there are several ideas available online!

This event is co-hosted by Noble Leadership Academy’s Noble’s Aware Organization and our Student Government Association. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Your Noble Team
Sr. Heba Eldreny