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Community Update

Dear Noble Family,

Asaalmou Aalikum,

About a month ago I sent an email to our Noble community to reach out to us if there was anyone in our Noble community in need and experiencing food insecurity. Alhamdullilah we were able to serve our families and make sure that we were doing everything possible to get through this difficult time together. Masha Allah, the word began to spread beyond our Noble community and other families in need began to reach out to us. To date, we are very proud that our Noble community has been able to serve over 50 families in need each with about a month's supply of food. As a community, we have played a small part in serving the Ummah, something we teach our students each and every day. As we break our fast each night in Ramadan, this is the perfect time to speak to our children about all those who are literally within our New Jersey community that are food insecure. Sometimes our children think this is an overseas problem, it is not. To all those who have donated, May Allah shower you with his generosity.

If interested in helping, please feel free to email me.

May Allah accept our actions.
May Allah count us as those who serve him.
May Allah make us the best role models for our children.
May Allah bless the Noble community for its good work.
May Allah bless the Noble family.

With Gratitude,

Sr. Amanny Khattab
Principal of Noble Leadership Academy 


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