Testimonials & Success Stories

We're very proud of everything our school has to offer, and we know that you will be too. We invite you to take a look at what others have to say about us by reading through the parent testimonials on this page.

"My daughter is in an amazing environment where she is learning and growing everyday. Her teachers are true educators and care deeply about her success." -Elementary School Parent

"Noble has provided an awesome environment for me as a student. I really enjoy everything about the school and appreciate how hard everyone works to create an amazing learning and growing environment." -High School Senior

"This school actually takes the time to help with college applications and make sure their students get accepted into good colleges." -High School Senior

“I feel connected; I do not feel left out. I know what is going on in my child’s classroom every day! I love it. I understand it is a lot of work for the teachers, and I really appreciate it.” -Elementary School Parent

"Wonderful school! Everything I had hoped for has come true; my kids are in a wonderful learning environment. Challenged daily!" -Elementary & Middle School Parent

"The school welcomes all parents and children regardless of their ethnicity, the atmosphere is always a warm and friendly one. Not only does the school strive to give quality education to their students but encourage parents to be active members of their child's education." -Elementary School Parent

"Has a great, community feel. Staff treat students with compassion and kindness. The school is always open to feedback and criticism and are willing to change if needed." -Elementary School Parent

"The school provides a very welcoming environment to the students, they have great staff, and they are always working on improving the school." -High School Student

"I love the atmosphere of the school, I love how kids are treated, and I love how much the staff care about each student!" -High School Parent

"This school has great teachers. They are very nice and personal with the kids. My kids like coming to school. The principal is great and very loving." -Middle School Parent

"Amazing, hands on, dedicated teachers, an involved principal, and small classroom sizes make this school the only choice for our family." -Elementary School Parent

"As a parent, you hope to find a school that excites the urge to learn in your children. This school not only does that but it also inspires them to try harder and take pride in their abilities. I truly wish that more schools would take cues from this school." -Elementary School Parent

"The one thing that I will always be able to brag about is how much Noble has prepped me for college. I graduated Noble with 21 college credits, that's basically one semester that I don't have to take because of Noble. They truly made my college experience easier. From applying to colleges, to visiting them, to getting accepted to them, and of course to attending one of them, they truly made the pathway a smooth one. I can't thank Noble enough for all of their work and I hope that one day, I will be able to enroll my kids in this amazing establishment." -Alumni, Class of 2015

"This school is by far one of the best Islamic schools in our region. The staff is amazing. It is like one big striving family." -Elementary School Parent

"My children have been part of the Noble Leadership Academy community since its inception. My eldest child is a high school senior who has received a comprehensive educational experience and is ready to pursue global endeavors in the real world at the collegiate level. I highly recommend the Noble Leadership experience if your looking for character education, rigorous academic experience in a virtuous environment." -Middle & High School Parent

"I switched my daughter over to this school this year and was very impressed with how organized they are as well as their policies and procedures. They seem very much on top of things and I enjoy the daily email updates from my child's teacher which explains to me what they are working on so that we can follow-up and take part in her education. Very impressed thus far!" -Middle School Parent