Frequently Asked Question

We’re always happy to address your questions and concerns. On this page, we’ve provided the answers to some of the questions we hear most often. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please feel free to call our front office  for assistance. 

What should I do if my child has to miss school?

On the day(s) of absence from school, a parent/guardian must call the main office after 8:05 a.m. and before 10:00 a.m. to report the situation and give the following information: the caller’s name, the student’s name and grade, the reason for being absent, and a return phone number. If you would like to ask a teacher to prepare your child’s homework, you must call the office by 9:00 a.m. In the event a student is absent and a parent has not contacted our office by 10:00 a.m., we will attempt to contact the parent. 

Daily attendance is very important, but we understand that students may miss school from time to time due to personal illness or other serious circumstances. That said, we must consider all absences unexcused until the main office receives proper documentation. We can only recognize valid excuses as suitable reasons for a student’s absence, including personal illness, legal matters, a religious observance, or the death of an immediate family member. Parents or legal guardians should call the main office to excuse the absence the same day or upon the student’s return to school. 

 Sometimes students become ill at school. In this case, our school nurse will contact a parent/guardian to come pick up the child. Please understand that we will mark absent any student our nurse sends home before the 4th period of the school day. 

 To learn more about our policy concerning extended absences and make-up work, please review the attendance section of our parent and student handbook, which you can find under the Parent and Student quick links on the Home page.
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What is the tardy policy?

Tardiness to class is disruptive to the educational process and, therefore, infringes on the rights of other students. For this reason, we encourage our students to arrive on time every day. Class begins promptly at 8:00 a.m., and we will consider a student tardy when he or she arrives to the classroom after 8:01 a.m. Classroom teachers will monitor all tardies. While teachers will always admit students to class regardless of the time that they arrive, if a student arrives late twice in a nine-week period, we will take discipline measures to help correct the problem. According to our attendance policy, we will count six days of tardiness as one absence.
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What is the dress code at Noble Leadership Academy?

We require kindergarten through 12th grade students to wear a uniform every day. The basic guidelines follow:

  • K–12th grade boys: Khaki dress pants, hunter green shirt, black dress shoes or black rubber-soled sneakers 
  • K–5th grade girls: Hunter green plaid jumper, white shirt, or long or short sleeve hunter green mesh polo dress, tights (navy blue or hunter green) and black shoes. Fifth-grade girls are no longer required to wear a hijab.
  • 6th–12th grade girls: Hunger green Abaya or hunger green tunic, khaki dress pants, black shoes, and white hijab only.
To view our full uniform policy, including our gym class guidelines and suggestions for where to purchase uniforms, please view our uniform policy.
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Can my child eat breakfast/lunch at school?

We believe that a healthy diet aids student achievement, so we’re pleased to provide our students with nutritious meals to get them through their school days. Students may purchase breakfast, lunch, and a snack daily. We also offer a lunch/breakfast ticket program, which gives parents the option of purchasing lunch and breakfast tickets in bulk to save money.

Our Food Services Department provides students with a lunch menu at the beginning of each month. You can also access those menus on our Food Services page. 
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Does NLA provide transportation to and from school?

While we do not provide bus transportation for our students, we encourage parents to arrange car pools to help each other with transportation needs. If you are interested in providing transportation for other Noble Leadership Academy students from your area or you need transportation, please write your name, phone number, and town on a sheet of paper, and we will add it to our office memo board.
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Where should I drop off/pick up my child at school?

  • Morning drop off: All students may enter the school from the parking lot entrance or the Jefferson Street entrance.  
  • Dismissal: Teachers will dismiss students from the cafeteria. School doors will open for parents at 3:15 p.m. Parents must sign out all students in pre-K through 5th grade prior to pick-up.  
Please refer to our student handbook for more details regarding parent drop-off and pick-up.

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Are there specific school supplies that my child will need to be successful in the classroom?

Yes. We have provided school supply lists for each grade level, so that you will know exactly what each teacher requires.
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