Middle School: 6th–8th Grade

Middle school students naturally begin to yearn for greater independence, pushing boundaries while still relying on them to feel safe and cared for. Our task, as educators, is to provide the structure, challenge, and support they need to grow into happy, healthy, responsible young adults who will contribute to their school and the larger community.

Boundaries with a Safety Net

To answer this charge, we push boundaries with them, encouraging students to thoughtfully engage in a host of academic areas. We develop the body through physical activity, and we inspire the spirit, offering guidance through close relationships with faculty as we encourage individual development, and a safety net, should they falter.

The safety net arrives in the form of a homeroom teacher and a guidance counselor assigned to each class. We also integrate students into middle school by offering a character development class in which students learn from each other and in discussion with a teacher advisor regarding topics such as decision making, dealing with peer pressure, and establishing healthy and disciplined study habits.

Traditional Curriculum

We offer traditional coursework in language arts, mathematics, science, Arabic, and social studies that emphasize inquiry-based learning. We see every minute of the day as an opportunity for new understanding and growth. And the newly introduced STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) room offers valuable opportunities for interdisciplinary study, furthering creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving among students.

Quran Reading

Along with a traditional curriculum, we offer a personalized Quran reading program. Once students enter the school, we fully evaluate them and place them in an appropriate class. We track their individual progress and put a comprehensive plan in place to ensure each and every student can read directly from the Quran before embarking on their journey to memorize the Quran.