Spiritual Well-Being

At Noble we know that to fully equip our students for excellence in their future endeavors we must ensure that, in addition to being challenged academically, they are adequately provided for emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

A Solid Foundation

In addition to providing our students with rigorous academics, at Nobel, we also provide them with a sturdy foundation of Islamic Values. As part of every student’s class schedule, from PreK3 through 12th grade, we provide Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran. It is our duty to ensure that our young Noble Leaders are well-equipped to face the obstacles that may be placed in their paths without compromising their moral values. We provide them with an environment that allows them to grow in their faith both inside the classroom and outside the classroom.

We Offer

  • Daily recitation of Morning Dua’a
  • Daily communal Salat 
  • A Diverse Muslim Ummah
  • Halaqas led by experienced staff members
  • Individualized Quran study
  • Opportunities to speak with leaders of our spiritual community
  • Weekly Khutbas given by community members, followed by Salat ul-Jumaa prayer

Arabic Fun Day

As the language that the Holy Quran was written in, Arabic is celebrated as a part of our Islamic identity. On Arabic Fun Day, we transform the gymnasium into “Fun Stations.” Students from PreK 4 to 8th grade take part in various activities specifically designed to infuse fun and learning while reinforcing key concepts and skills previously taught in Arabic class.

We welcome parents and encourage them to be part of this interactive experience.

Quran Program

Each year, we look forward to working with all of our Noble family members to serve the educational and developmental needs of our students in light of the Islamic and Quranic manners and guidance. We base our Quran program on the individual level of each student. Our students start with the book (Bidaya), which familiarizes them with the Arabic alphabet and sounds then gradually moves to short and long vowels. After that, the book starts connecting letters to make up words and so and so forth.  Each lesson in the book comes with a test at the end that determines whether the student will move to the next lesson or must repeat the entire previous lesson or certain parts of it. No student will start memorizing the Quran until he/she can read from the Quran fluently.

The students work individually on the assignments given to them by their teachers who have a rotating schedule within the class to monitor and record each student’s progress. Once the student can read, he/she will start memorizing, reading Tafsir, and reviewing old memorization. Then the teacher tests the student individually.

The main objective of the Quran class is to develop independent readers and memorizers of the holy Quran who take it as a reference point for their school life and beyond Inshallah. This entails the student's ability to read, memorize, understand, and apply the lessons from the holy Quran. 

Quran classes meet every single day for 57 minutes, beginning in the student’s kindergarten year and continuing through the 12th grade. The department head (and at least one more teacher) tests all students at least three times throughout the year; we place students in the appropriate level class based on their scores in the benchmark.

Communal Salat

Praying five times a day is one of the pillars of Islam. At Noble we fortify our students’ faith by holding communal dhur salat all year round and asr when the time changes.  On Fridays, we hold Salat ul-Jumaa with a guest speaker giving the khutba. This gives our students weekly exposure to community leaders.