Physical Well-Being

At Noble we know that to fully equip our students for excellence in their future endeavors we must ensure that, in addition to being challenged academically, they are adequately provided for emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Continuous Activity

Physical activity for our students is not solely limited to their physical education classes. We understand that continuous physical activity leads to not only a healthy and strong body but to a healthy and strong mind. Physical activity has been proven to improve focus, school performance, sleep, and energy levels in people of all ages. Regular physical activity helps develop your child’s fundamental movement skills (i.e., physical literacy). In addition to helping maintain a healthy body weight, physical activity can help build healthy bones, muscles, heart and lungs.

At Noble, we make sure that our students are not only active in their gym classes and daily recess, but we incorporate physical activity into their lessons, encouraging our staff members to think outside the box with their lesson planning.